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The Power of Brand Marketing

Boost brand recall, referrals, loyalty and leads

Customers feel increased loyalty towards brands with solid identities. It promotes confidence in their decision to work with you or purchase from you, and increases the chances of them becoming all important brand ambassadors.

Working with a professional to refine your brand marketing strategy for 2020 should really be ‘up there’ on the priority list if you want to achieve great results this year. Having a robust strategy or campaign in place that’s frequently reviewed and adapted at the same pace as your target audience will put you in good stead for beating the competition.

With 53% of consumers expecting brands to know when and how to communicate, it’s important to be present when your audience needs you. Similar to everyday relationships, consistency is the foundation of trust, connection and loyalty.

So, if you haven’t already, we suggest taking a look at your brand marketing plans and giving them a refresh. If you haven’t any plans, drop an email and we’ll work with you to create a unique campaign to connect you with customers.

Until then, here are 3 quick tips to get you started…

Know your... stuff

60% of brands advocate maintaining strong, consistent branding as an important factor when generating leads and communicating with customers. Brand consistency (think imagery, tone, messaging etc) can average a whopping 33% revenue increase. So, it’s key and should not be overlooked.

For success, you need to know your brand. We suggest defining your beliefs, your USPs, and your core brand qualities that will echo throughout everything you do.

Once you’ve established these, it’s imperative you instill them within your whole organisation. This will ensure your brand marketing is consistent across all levels of the hierarchy internally, so that it’s correctly received externally.

Get close and personal

With the digital world ever expanding, the abundance of advertising is increasingly unavoidable. Audiences are developing greater abilities to mute marketing messages effortlessly - they’ve become desensitised.

Personalising more intimate tools such as email marketing, direct messaging and push notifications, is a fantastic brand marketing technique to capture your customer’s attention to increase brand recognition and recall. Use information you have readily available from your CRM system like first names, previous purchases or repetitive online behaviours to tailor messages, making them more ‘special’.

Get good use out of a freebie

It takes 5 to 7 brand impressions before someone will remember your brand. It’s important to adopt an omnichannel approach because audiences use multiple platforms during their decision-making process. Take time to research your target audiences’ chosen touch points - and be there or be square!

There are many ways to promote your brand without breaking the bank - take advantage of free brand marketing opportunities. Respond to reviews, engage with user-generated content, partake in forum discussions, regularly create blog posts (don’t forget to optimise) or engage in social media discussions.

Brand awareness is paramount if you want to excel in a time of such high competition and increased buyer intelligence.

Contact us today, we'll get your brand marketing in gear and you'll soon reap the benefits.